​Orange County
Wedding & Corporate DJ:
Peter Papadopoulos

Orange County DJ Services L.A. to San Diego:

Based as an Orange County Wedding DJ, I service a wide area from San Diego to Los Angeles and more and specialize in professional DJ & MC services for the high-end event market.  I provide the finest sound systems available and the most professional DJ/MC skills.  The result is an exciting and elegant reception that will be remembered fondly for years by you and your guests.

Although I do use the finest high-end equipment available, it is imperative that you understand that the DJ can make or break your event.  Price and equipment are important, but above all, you are hiring an individual whose professionalism, experience and understanding will ultimately determine how your guests will engage your event.
DJ and MC services include 4 hours of actual play time.  Setup and strike are included.  If needed, a second or even third high-end sound system for remote locations (i.e. cocktails) can be added.

Lighting Samples

Enhance & Enliven!


We'll make your event come​ alive!

Higher Profile Events & Weddings:

Caroline Ficksman (Fitness Expert) & Rob McDermott (Manager, Linkin Park) (04/13/2019)
​Julia Lescova (International Supermodel) & Thomas Connelly (Celebrity Cosmetic Dentist) (06/28/2018)
Stephanie Ming & Levine Joseph Toilolo (San Francisco 49ers) (03/11/2017)
Beach Boys (Corporate Beverly Wilshire Hotel, L.A.) Closer (01/30/2018)
​Dexter Holland (The Offspring) (12-18-2015)
The Lumineers / Opener/Closer (​09-19-2014)
​Katie O'Connor & Dante Hall (St. Louis Rams) (07-19-2014)
Chef Jamie Gwen & Craige Bennett (05-08-2014)
Claire Olds & Stephen Craig (Marie Osmond's Son) (09-24-2011)
Lonie Paxton (Patriots/Broncos) & Meghan Vasconcellos (02-26-2011)
Justin Fitzgerald (San Jose Giants Pitcher) & Phelan Wright (11-07-2010)
Jim Courier (Tennis Champ) & Susanna Lingman (08-21-2010)
Bryan Callen (Actor/Comedian "The Hangover 1, 2 & 3) & Amanda Humphrey (10-25-2008)
Michael Chang (Tennis Champ) & Amber Liu (10-18-2008)
Roth Capital (Good Charlotte & The Cult) After-Party (02-20-2008)
​ Third Eye Blind (L.A.) Opener/Closer (07-19-2007)
Bride & Bloom Magazine 1st Year Anniversary with Preston Bailey (ref: Jeannie Savage 2007)
​ Beach Boys (Private L.A.) Opener (2006)
Chris Koch (New Era Cap Co.) & Lindsey Wigginton Reception with DJ AM  (07-09-2007)
Mike Parsons (Surfing Champ) & Tara Higgins (Bodyboarder) (06-10-2005)
​ Kerr Smith (Actor: Dawson’s Creek) & Harmoni Everett (Actor: Josie & The Pussycats / Breaking News) (06-07-2003)

  • 2017 Quick Pop Sample30:47
  • 2009 St. Regis Live Sample29:01
  • 80's Intro Mix2:14

A Few Words with PeterPop

Here are 3 various mixes.  Don't pay too close attention to individual songs selections, rather, this should give you an example of mixing technique---I can mix ANY music:)

Weddings & Events In Media

​Brides.com Brides Live: Million-Dollar Wedding - Televised Live June 8th, 2014   Valentina Tran & Eric Vergati
E! Channel - Monique Luillier (Celebrity Clothing Designer) & Bloomingdale’s “Wedding Party” (01-20-2011)
TNT Network - Wedding Day with Diann Valentine - Produced by Dreamworks TV & Mark Burnett Productions  (ref: Juan & Michelle – Aired Spring 2009)
​ Platinum Weddings Danielle Gordon & Todd Schlichter (ref: Kevin Covey 12-2007)
E! Channel Jenny & Geoff Merris (ref: Kevin Covey 2007)
Who’s Wedding Is It Anyway? (STYLE NETWORK - Episode #401 - Seeing Double) (Ref: Kim Bradford: Kimberly Reyes & Eric Engquist 2006)
​ The Discovery Channel (TLC) – (Ref: Kevin Covey / Beth Baker & Erich Vogel Aired January 2005)
E! Channel (ref: Kim Bradford December 2004)
E! Channel (ref: Kevin Covey 2004)
The Travel Channel (ref: Ritz Carlton 2003)
​ NBC Life Moments (ref: Sharda Aswani 2002)

At A Glance:

Performer Name:  Peter Papadopoulos Years of Experience: 16 Number of events: Over 1600 Master of Ceremonies:  Experienced in Special Event Hosting.
Multi-lingual: Fluency in 3 languages (English, Greek & Spanish).
MC'ing a wide variety multi-cultural weddings & special events (Arabic, Argentine, Armenian, Chinese, Greek, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Persian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Sri Lankan, Turkish)
Disc Jockey:  Perfect “beat mixing” (music is mixed “on-the-fly” club-style without gaps for non-stop dancing).
Specializing in creating custom playlists in popular & eclectic musical genres including international music. Music Collection:
●  80,000! Songs on hand at each event ●  Live access to MILLIONS of songs.
In 2016, Peter was happy to be of service to over 80 wedding clients & 70 Corporate clients. These clients were referred by other very satisfied clients.

Preferred DJ: Montage Resort & Spa, Laguna Beach Pelican Hill, Newport Coast Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel St. Regis Hotel, Monarch Beach – (New Year's DJ & ​ PURE SEDUCTION Thursdays) Rancho Las Lomas, Silverado Canyon Hyatt Regency, Huntington Beach Marriott Laguna Cliffs

We played at Beatlefest in Los Angeles for a couple of years, which was great fun until we moved to playing 80’s and Top-40.  At Saddleback College, I joined the Saddleback Master Chorale, directed by Alvin Brightbill.  I had to learn to sight read music which was a new experience.  We performed classical choral music such as the Mozart Requiem and the heavy Bach B-Minor Mass (great fun!).

What is your DJ Style?

Specializing in Popular Radio-Play music (i.e. Pop/Hip-Hop/Electro/House, etc.)  & eclectic musical genres (i.e. Chill Music/International).  I like to play music with a melodic or rhythmic hook that grabs you instantly and makes you want to dance.  There is a kind of “biorhythmic” dip and swell of energy that is normal, so I also like to switch up the music to ride the wave.  Your audience won’t crave a more laid-back set without those high energy sets, nor can you reach the highest peaks without some mellower chill music to spring up from.  Also, I like to press the "reset" button by interspersing flashback sets from the 70's, 80's & 90's etc. to refresh the room.  When I mix music, I like to move to the music, just as the dance floor does.  Regardless of the quality of your ability to keep time mentally as a DJ, your BODY is the best tool for keeping close to what the music is doing.  It’s a visceral connection that comes from your physical core.  As a DJ you should keep dancing, and you’ll never lose touch with the floor.

What do you see for the future?
My goal for this year is to spend more time on creating even better playlists, better mixes, custom remixes, and better live techniques for
an even better live performance.  One ultimate goal is to do a European tour to Ibiza,
Spain and Mykonos, Greece.

What do you like about your job?

I love meeting new people from different parts of the world & getting to know new music.  Although I'm mainly an Orange County DJ, I perform from Santa Barbara to Palm Springs and San Diego.  Sometimes I travel much further.  I had the pleasure of DJ'ing on the Danube for 10 days in 2015 and am heading out to the Galapagos Islands with a group this year [2017].  I get a great feeling of satisfaction when I see the dance floor fill up with people who throw away the inhibitions of their logical mind and lose themselves “in the moment.”  I like listening to dissimilar songs and hearing elements in each that tie the two together.  Elements that signal a good song mix can be the texture of a sound in the song, the beat, the theme, or a melody.  This happens a lot with music from different regions of the world: Arabic with Spanish Flamenco, Greek with Arabic, Indian Bhangra with Hip Hop, etc.  Also, most musical genres are now international.  You can find most genres of music in almost any major language of the world.  For instance, you can listen to clubby House music in Italian, Spanish, Swedish, French, Arabic, German, etc., and it will sound pretty similar. (There is even Rap music in many languages, although personally, I feel results are better in some languages than in others.) 

What are some of your past musical influences?

I’m not sure how much of my current musical style I can attribute to my experiences growing up, but I grew up listening to show tunes, Greek music and radio-play pop music. 

Mom always roamed the house singing her favorite songs from “Gigi” and “My Fair Lady.”  While most 6-year-olds brought their “Little Red Wagon” records to school, I lugged in the double LP of Norman Jewison’s Fiddler on the Roof soundtrack (with Topol).  I taught myself guitar when I was 14 and then formed a Beatle clone band with my brother George and my friend Carey.  We went though many drummers, Bobby Hamilton, Julian Shea, Matt Jones, to name a few (and unlike the film Spinal Tap, they did NOT blow up in their drum seat thankfully).